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2 013

You are probably listening to composition Angelika from Casanova - ballet show of Laterna Magika with my music.


15th of May at 19,30 - The Hall of Pfilharmonics Hradec Králové (Eliščino nábřeží 777)

Concert Close meetings of Zora Jandová and Zdenek Merta with The Hradec Kralove Philharmonic Orchestr , conducted by Mr.Jakub Klecker. Songs, symphonic pieces, crossover music.


Opening nights of new musical comedy OČISTEC (Purgatory) wirtten by Zdenek Merta and Stanislav Mosa were 19th and 20th of January in Municipal Theatre Brno. Good production - thanks to all participants.

The symphony Saint Petersburg was given on 30th of October in Wannieck Gallery in Brno, playing by conductor Aleksander Markovic and Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.

18. - 26. 10. I was in Seuol South Corea, taking a part in cultural program Days of Praue. Very interesting.

My new symphony Saint Petersburg was premiered on the 27th of May in Petersburg - Russia. The concert was in the Hall of State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg (http://glinka-capella.ru/) as component part of the celebration Day of Petersburg. It was nice, strong and emotional.


Welcome on the 1st of October in Smolny Cathedral in Saint Petersburg.  They were giving a special concert including my composition Via Lucis for choir and orchestra. I was there, it was remarkable. There is the link of video recording.



I recently composed the song Ave Madonna for Basilica Ascension of Virgin Mary in Brno. You can find demo version in audio.

CD  Zora Jandova FIFTY - FIFTY was edited by Indies Records MG. CD is completely composed from our own songs written during more than thirty years.

Opening nights of the musical Birds (according Aristophanes) - libretto Jiří Žáček, direction Stanislav Moša were held on 24th and 25th of April 2 010 in Municipal Theatre Brno. Really big fun.

Opening nights of the musical Naked Muse (libretto Zora Jandova, direction Šimon Caban) were held on 13th and 14th of February 2 010 in Municipal Theatre Brno. Thanks to all lovely and beatiful people who worked with me.

My musicals Peklo (The Hell), Svět plný andělů (The World of Angels) and Sny svatojánských nocí (DREAMS...of Midsummer Nights) are still running in Municipal Theatre Brno.

Multimedial show Casanova with my music is running in Laterna Magika in Prague.

My symphony "The Last Century (From the Old World) was presented 20th and 21st of January 2 010 in Brno. Caspar Richter conducted Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. It was much inspiring for me - this is a very good orchestra. 

I am working on a symphonic picture Saint Petersburg and a cycle of 12 symphonic compositions Zodiac.

I collaborated for the first time with Nationale Theatre Brno. Opening night of the show  "Con Amore" (written by Moša, Merta, Plachý. Šimáček) was on 16th of April in Mahen`s Theatre.

I am working also on huge composition for choir and orchestra "Anno Liturgico". Three parts of this piece will be performed 1st of October in Petersburg.



Summary of the years 2 008 - 9 can be found in the link "Articles".

Zdenek Merta